My notes about everything

Blog created

I created a blog for the notes which helped me and maybe will help you.

I am using Github Pages as blog platform

Why Github Pages?

  • Free, no ads, no registration and SMS
  • Quick installation, does not require learning additional programming languages
  • Hosted by great corporation for developers
  • Git
  • Dont care about updates, security and server configuring
  • Flexibility

There are tons of articles how to install Jekyll. But many articles are written for linux users which generating blog with Ruby on Linux desktop. I didn’t want to waste time with Virtualbox and etc, I want to install Ruby, Python, Jekyll on Windows. Recommendations for Windows install:

Install Ruby and Ruby DevKit with same bit You may need install certificate if Jekyll will complain about SSL

I installed the blog in subfolder. I recommended this article by Joshua Lande if you want install same blog

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